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SUNDAY (Sanctuary & Zoom)
 Worship Service - 10:30am - 1:00pm
A vibrant worship session

TUESDAY  (via Zoom only)
​Prayer Service - 7:30pm - 8:30pm

WEDNESDAY (via Zoom only)​
​Bible Class 7.30pm - 9.15pm

For further information about our services please contact us.

Zoom Details 

ZoomID: 253 128 8225
Passcode:  7777

Click link below to join our meeting.
Zoom logo.png

Zoom Meeting House Rules

- A waiting room is now set up where you will wait before the service starts.

- please try to login during the 15 mins before the service starts to avoid disruption.

- make sure that you are away from items that can disrupt your signal such as tv’s, radios or mobile phones etc.

- Please have phones on silent or in donot disturb mode.

- Please have your mic on mute during praise & workshop to avoid delaying issues.

- Mics do not have to be on mute during expressions, encouragements or during the main speakers etc.,

however, we would ask that you please act appropriately.

- Please try not to talk out of turn and interrupt the person speaking, if it is appropriate and you want to make a comment or ask a question please put your hand up or use the 👍🏾👋🏽 found in the app. 

- The administrators will place you on mute if we are getting feedback from your mic.

- We would ask that you please remember to continue to make financial contributions (offering/tithes), we maybe away from the building but the running costs still have to be paid.  Bank details will be displayed in the notes on zoom.

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